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Meet Rebecca

Rebecca Bou Raad is a highly skilled speech and language therapist from Lebanon, currently in the process of obtaining her certification equivalence in Quebec. She is an active member of the Lebanese Association of Speech Therapists, having earned her bachelor's degree in speech therapy in 2011 and her master's degree in oral and written language neuropsychology in 2022 from the Lebanese University.

With a rich professional experience spanning 12 years, Rebecca has dedicated her expertise to diverse populations within various institutions, including specialized schools catering to deaf children and those with learning disabilities. In addition to her institutional work, she established her own clinic in Lebanon, where she assists children grappling with challenges related to communication, articulation, speech, oral language, swallowing, and written language. Despite her trilingual abilities, Rebecca primarily offers her services in French and Arabic.

Between 2020 and 2021, Rebecca demonstrated her creativity and commitment by developing personalized activity books for children, meticulously tailored to address their unique language needs.

As a devoted mother of two, Rebecca's parenting guidance is rooted in her daily experiences with her own children, as well as in the implementation of effective strategies she has successfully tested and refined over time.

Rebecca Bou Raad

Language stimulation agent

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