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Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)

Applied behaviour analysis (ABA) is a natural scientific approach to understand how behaviour is learned and unlearned throughout the lifespan. ABA strategies are implemented to teach new and socially significant behaviours that can increase overall quality of life and independence. ABA is used naturally everyday. For example, giving our babies big smiles and soft tickles when they imitate our babbling to them. Our soft tickles and big smiles tell them that imitating “mama” gets positive reinforcement in the form of more attention and social praise. Thus, resulting in more imitating behaviors to access more attention. ABA can also be used to replace inappropriate behavior with more appropriate behaviours that result in the same outcome. For example, teaching a child to ask for a toy from a peer instead of grabbing the toy out of the peers hand. ABA is beneficial because it can be individualized to fit any individual of any age for any behavior. ABA is also trainable, parents can learn how to implement effective strategies from a qualified professional and apply it themselves at home. The goal is ABA is to simply teach essential skills to increase overall quality of life because that’s what everyone deserves. 

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