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Meet Sara

Sara Mocella completed a DEC in child studies and currently a student at Concordia University pursuing a linguistics degree in order to enrol in speech pathology as a future career. With this, she will accomplish her goal of assisting others in their daily lives.


She has learnt the science behind speech processing through her years of study and uses her knowledge to focus on helping children improve their expressive and receptive skills. With studies from advanced phonetics, phonology, psychology, cognitive development and other studies completed, she is highly knowledgable on the production and classification of speech sounds along with brain development in children. Having experiences in a stage intervention, Sara has been involved in helping students improve in teaching them how to communicate and develop their brains by creating intervention plans.


Sara is an encouraging person who loves to help others and has a heart full of patience, happiness, and compassion.

Sara Mocella

Language Stimulation Agent

Agente de stimulation du langage

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