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Language Stimulation 
What is a Language Stimulation Agent? 

A language stimulation agent is an assistant or an ally to a Speech-Language Pathologist. Their role is to apply intervention strategies to achieve the child's speech and language objectives. A language stimulation agent is supervised by a Speech-Language Pathologist to make sure objectives are met and to obtain support on how to proceed further with objectives. 


When is it best to obtain sessions with a Language Stimulation Agent? 


  • When there is a waitlist to see a Speech-Language Pathologist and your child could benefit from language stimulation sessions in the meantime. 

  • When your child's Speech-Language Pathologist is no longer able to provide sessions due to scheduling difficulties 

    • Most of our language stimulation agents are more flexible and can work weekends or evenings. ​

  • When you child has received a Speech-Language evaluation and a few sessions in the public sector but could benefit from further support.

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