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Meet Hizia

Hizia Belkacem
OOAQ#: 03585

Speech-Language Pathologist


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Hizia is a pediatric speech therapist and a member of the 'Ordre des orthophonistes et audiologistes du Québec'. Dedicated and passionate about her profession, she has worked in various school settings in Montreal and Laval with multilingual children attending specialized classes since 2007. Her career as a speech therapist began in 2001 in Algeria, in a hospital setting, as well as in private practice where she collaborated with audiologists, pediatricians, and ENT physicians. Throughout her journey, she has gained significant experience in evaluating and intervening with children facing developmental language disorders, with or without associated issues, verbal dyspraxia, and written language disorders, as well as in assessing language prerequisites in young children. Being a mother of three children herself, she strongly believes in the collaboration between parents and therapists, as parents are the experts on their children. For this reason, she considers parental coaching to be a very effective and essential means in the process of caring for a child. Hizia provides services in French and Arabic.

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