Meet Leila Fadlallah

Leila Fadlallah is a student completing her Masters in Speech Therapy at the University of Montreal.  She graduated from a Bachelor of Science - majoring in Psychology, from Concordia University, and obtained her Certificat d’intervention en déficience intellectuelle et en troubles du spectre de l’autisme from the University of Montreal.


Having accumulated substantial experience working with children of different age groups with special needs, Leila has also demonstrated a heart in helping and providing support for these children.  Leila has previous experience working as a speech correction agent and as a French tutor in a private English school, as well as a special needs aide in a day camp.  She is currently working as a research auxiliary with a speech therapist.


Leila is an empathetic person who values communication and collaboration with the child’s entourage to help with their needs.

Leila Fadlallah

Speech Correction Officer

(Speech-Language Pathology Student)