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Our Story

Clinique AMI was founded in 2017 by Florence Yung and Laila Gharib, two speech therapists who studied together at the University of Montreal. After several years of acquiring work experience in both public and private settings, they reunited as volunteers for the StimuLER program. They then decided to start a private clinic offering an approach that reflected their values. Later on, they met Fatima Khodary, an occupational therapist who is passionate about her profession, and the three of them joined forces to bring together their passions and create a clinic that represented them.

Today, Clinique AMI has become a multidisciplinary private clinic offering services in speech therapy, occupational therapy, and nutrition to families in the Laval and Montreal regions. We provide assessment and intervention services to clients of all ages in clinics, daycare or school settings, and in the home. We also offer specialized intervention groups throughout the year, such as LEGO therapy, the SOS feeding approach for picky eaters, social skills groups, and more.

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